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Evil Force – Banging on the Pentagram

evil force – banging on the pentagram

If Evil Force from Paraguay rings a bell for you, you probably own one of the 7 splits they have in their discography. “Banging on the Pentagram” reeks of 1980s Thrash, from the first till the last second. For example, the sound of the drum fills is almost the same as on Necrodeath’s “The Flag Of The Inverted Cross” on their “Into the Macabre” album. I have to say I love that sound. Evil Force isn’t influenced by Necrodeath, as their Thrash Metal has more melodic patterns and sometimes even NWOBHM-twin leads. And when you listen to “Devastation Time” it has a huge Venom vibe and on Toxic Warfare it has some Sodom’s “Agent Orange” riff going on. To sum it up: Teutonic Thrash, NWOBHM-twin leads, Venom. “Banging on the Pentagram” was fun to listen to, but itisn’t mandatory to expand your collection with. (Ricardo)