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Eurynomos – From the Valleys of Hades

eurynomos – from the valleys of hades

Black / Thrash from German soil, and if you aren’t familiar with Okkulto and Aethon, the first one is the well-known vocalist of Desaster during the period of time of their second demo ‘till the “Souls of Infernity” EP which was released in 2001. So yeah, the vocalist of some great albums like “A Touch of Medieval Darkness”, “Hellfire’s Dominion” and “Tyrants of the Netherworld”, and you will recognize his trademark vocals immediately.

Aethon is not only the owner of Iron Pegasus, he is also known as Costa of the mighty Tales of the Macabre fanzine. You can literally say that the bands he was promoting with his fanzine, is present in Eurynomos as the passion for old school 80’s Extreme Metal bleeds out the speakers. A great mix of Sodom, Celtic Frost, Venom (listen to “Pantokrator”), Slayer’s “Show No Mercy”, Bathory and (early) Desaster, Black/Thrash fist banging material from the beginning till the end and worth spending your money on.

From the Valleys…The Valleys of Hades…Reigns the force! (Ricardo)