Extreme Metal Fanzine est. 2012

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Necromaniac – Subterranean Death Rising [EP]

necromaniac – subterranean death rising [ep]

Although it seems the UK, London to be precise, is the base of this Old School Extreme Metal combo, the members within this devilish cult are having their roots in Greece, Spain, Poland and Sweden. And although the Spanish element of the band, Thanatophilia R.G., got replaced by C. Howler (UK, so that region got covered as well), you can still hear him and his Throat Possessions on this EP. Besides that they have experience in acts like Macabre Omen, Binah, Agatus and Lvcifyre to mention a couple.

With Necromaniac they all decided to repossess the spirit of old Possessed and the likes. With the “Morbid Metal” demo released by Me Saco un Ojo Records they already got some positive feedback and they are continuing their morbid ways with this 7”. Archaic thrashy Black/Death of yore along with horrific haunting FX as background which as a whole totally match the logo and artwork. A cool Old School EP! (Ricardo)