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Domini Inferi – In Nomine Domini Inferi – The Second Coming

domini inferi – in nomine domini inferi – the second coming

Some of you might remember the ominous “Devil Cult” CD from Dutch Domini Inferi from 2006. Main man behind this band is the infamous Hellchrist Xul from Funeral Winds.  A creepy album, full of dark ritual sounds, venomous satanic Black Metal and uncanny ambient influences. And a remarkable album this is/was.

But before that there was the “In Nomini Domini Inferi” – a bestial demo, featuring inhuman brutal Black Metal. This demo from 2002, along with many unreleased tracks has now been re-released as a compilation CD. And after all this years, it remains untarnished.

Imagine a stripped down to the essence type of Black Metal with a screeching demonic voice, heavy martial drumbeats and simple, but effective guitar chords. It’s all there…the deep demonic incantations, reversed sounds – all brutal as fuck. Loud, offensive and overwhelming. There’s even a Von cover on it, that feels like a slap in your  face.

Domini Inferi are often compared to Von, Profanatica and Beherit which is correct to some degree, although Domini Inferi are more versatile, less one-dimensional and even more rabid/sickening/deranged, without resorting to a pile of undefined noise.

Fans of no-nonsense, extremely depraved ultra satanic Black Metal simply must grab a copy of this gem. (LV)