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Bašmu – VVitchblood [Re-Release]

bašmu – vvitchblood [re-release]


Information to the reader: although it was released in 2017, only digital and MC formats were available at that time; 2020 sees the release of “VVitchblood” in CD format, through Lunar Apparitions.

We are living peculiar moments. Moments we will have some difficulty in overlooking, and that are certain to leave a mark in every each one of us. Unlike much of the Music we consume, no scars are left, no memory remains, and the tune passes on, disregarded, undetected… exceptions there are but, this is the way we see Music being handled these days: a disposable piece of creation. Bašmu has been, since the first time I heard it, one of those musicians / projects that have, in my modest opinion, thoroughly presented better and better pieces of Black Metal.

An evolution has been heard and felt. Music that resonates with the listener is something one can’t easily find. My perception of Black Metal does not come from this more trendy (?) approach; Black Metal echoes within the host and guides him to spiritual instants and fusion with the melody. It is all about the melody. Be it a raw and savage structure, or a keyboard driven eerie ambiance, Xülthys gives us all of these experiences in well-balanced quantities. It surprises me that Bašmu is still, in a way, a neglect act when it comes to Raw Black Metal. Well known by all of us, those more acquainted with the “scene”, I believe we are yet to give Bašmu his well deserved prize. A frozen attitude, a melodic posture.

In a way, it is crafted around a basis rooted in the Rawer side of the genre, growing roots to a multitude of other realities. It might sound weird and nonsense, but not linear is this Canadian’s music. From the Khold and Dead landscapes of Canada, to the deepest dungeons, what an exquisite offering we have here. The first step towards of an ever-growing Dark Beast. Words? Venture yourself into a World of Sounds and Sights… enjoy the Obscurity. (DanielP)


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