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Velm – Orkan

velm – orkan

In a short amount of thime, Velm from Hungary released an EP, 3 splits and 2 full-lengths of which “Orkan” is one of them. The duo behind Velm, Tibor Terebesi  and Tóth Gellért, play a melodic, epic and keyboard driven  kind of Black Metal. And for nature’ sake, let me add Pagan as well. Although the keyboard is very present, it’s not like they are playing their dark art in a symphonic way. It’s more like a mixture of Burzum’s “Dunkelheit” and less fast Eldrig. It’s not all melodic all the way, as for example “Blue Tundra Icicle” has some fine up-tempo Black Metal parts. Although it’s not must have, it is a decent album. (Ricardo)