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Vrag – Remete

vrag – remete

I already had the pleasure to encounter Vrag’s musical activities with the release of the split with Solus. In my review I mentioned that Vrag was the better one of the two acts and the Black Metal I heard, has Burzum influences. On “Remete” those influences are present well, especially when you hear the opening track “Az idő fogságában” as it is riff driven mid-tempo Black Metal, only less bleak and hateful. Atmospheric Misanthropic Black Metal seems to be the description for “Remete”. Although the music leans towards the Depressive Black Metal scene, Vrag doesn’t have that shrieky scream. Fans of Burzum, Abyssic Hate and Wigrid will have an enjoyable listen with “Remete”, if they are able to turn their expectations down a notch. (Ricardo)