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Nocrul – Khorne

nocrul – khorne

Once again a (Black) Metal release from Hungary by Hungarian label Neverheard Distro. Not for the first time a band on the rooster of Neverheard Distro plays their Black Metal in the melodic vein. Responsible for this is mainman Khrul (ex-Funebre, ex-Marblebog, ex-Witchcraft and many other bands in the extreme scene of Hungary), who has quite a history in the Black Metal scene of Hungary. As said, the Black Metal is quite melodic with a touch of the epic side of Black Metal. Something you can expect from the mid-1990s Black/Viking Metal releases, only without the Folk influences. There is also room for heroism (the pounding drums from time to time…they call for War) which is not strange as the lyrical content is about Warhammer 40k (a certain Bolt Thrower had the same idea…) so you probably already have visions of Orcs pillage everything on their course. “Khorne” ends with “Hail to the Songs of Lugburz”, which is their interpretation Summoning tracks “Grey Heavens”, “Through the Valley of the Frozen Kingdom”, “Raising With the Battle-Orcs”…in fact they play parts of the “Lugburz” album the Nocrul way and put it in one song. And if I may say…pure genius! Very very…very well played! Enough said, this is a certain “must-listen” if you’re into some skilful melodic/epic Black Metal. (Ricardo)