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Stortregn – Evocation of Light

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Oh Necrolord! When my eye catches his artwork…The admiration of Dissection seems to be struck down in Switzerland as well, and let’s be honest, the Swedish Masters, and Jon Nödveidt in particular, made 2 timeless classicks with “The Somberlain” and “Storm at the light’s Bane”. The admiration I approve and share with the Swiss, but are they able to relive those times with their second album “Evocation of Light”? Not exactly, although it turned out as a nice Melodic Death Metal album. But the Blackened Darkness and Harshness aren’t always present to give Stortregn the “100% Dissection” label on advertisements. Or maybe so, because some tracks starts promising and fast like “Unhallowed” but after a while it transformed into “Maha Kali”. And the only thing I can think of is “why not stick to the “Unhallowed” pace, why changing it during a song?”. And let me throw in a kind of Gates of Ishtar sound during “The Dawn of Flames” to prove my point about lacking of Blackened Darkness and Harshness on this album. Into Swedish melodic Death Metal? No problem to give this album a spin or two, but Dissection adepts have to stick with Thulcandra. (Ricardo)