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Post-Mortem – God with Horns

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Decade of Aggression. Do you just hear Tom Araya saying “….Post…..Mortem”? And the riff kicks in! Great stuff. This? Nah! Post-Mortem is located in France and tries to make a move within the Brutal Death Metal scene, but with an occasional modern twist to gain a wider audience. A bit of the newer Cannibal Corpse groove and Decapitated riffs along with even more modern elements in the vein of Machine Head(come on, ditch those chorus clean emo vocals!) that would probably be more appealing towards the first core kid you find on the corner of the street than the unshaved wild but with great personality looking guy (sorry, could say guy/girl to include the female side of the metal world, but the unshaved thing gets a bit akward…) wearing a Sadistic Intent shirt. If I exclude the modern stuff, the riffs aren’t grabbing at the throat, which is essential for this kind of Death Metal to stand out. The leads aren’t bad though…(Ricardo)