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Precambrian – Tectonics

precambrian – tectonics

Precambrian. The earliest part of Earth’s history, sometimes called “Cryptozoic”-era, spans from the formation of Earth about 4.6 billion years ago to the beginning of the Cambrian Period, about 541 million years ago, when hard-shelled creatures first appeared in abundance. And why wouldn’t you name your Black Metal band like that when your geology themed lyrics are dealing with permafrost, the Neoproterozoic era and volcanic winters.

Precambrian from the Ukraine has released their debut full-length and you will hear the top of the league of the scene within this band, as (ex-)members of acts like Rattenfänger, Blood of Kingu, Astrofaes, Hate Forest and Drudkh are involved in this cold Black Metal collective. If you have missed the hateful and grim Black Metal Hate Forest once played, their “Purity” album for example, I strongly advise you to give Precambrian a listen as it comes close to that one concerning riffs, song writing and vocals. Not strange of course with R. Saenko as vocalist and guitarist, but this caught me by surprise as I didn’t expect this.

Such aggressive, powerful and vigorous Black Metal can be heard on “Tectonics”, absolutely worth every cent in your wallet if you are a fan of the malevolent old Russian/Ukrainian scene or aggressive Black Metal in general. (Ricardo)