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Disciples of the Void – Disciples of the Void

disciples of the void – disciples of the void


Sometimes an album doesn’t grab you after a couple of spins, be it because you have heard something to many times or the execution isn’t just right or the album is plain and simple mediocre from beginning ‘till the end. And sometimes you’re just alert as hell after 30 seconds and think “…hold on…”. This has happened to me when I heard the start of “Dominion”, the second track of this self-titled album after the intro. If you imagine that the vocals are more at the back of the mix, it sounds like a lost track that didn’t make it on the final tracklist of Emperor’s “In The Nightside Eclipse”. This sounds exciting…

Without getting your hopes up…no…this will not be a nowadays classic, as this isn’t a “In The Nightside Eclipse” part II, but it is a very well-played Black Metal album that has symphonic, melodic and fierce parts, all with a crystal clear production. Sure, there are definitely parts which are relatable with one of the best Black Metal albums ever, as said “In The Nightside Eclipse”, but you also will hear a lot of Dimmu Borgir’s “Enthrone Darkness Triumphant” (especially the vocals sounds like Shagrath) and Obtained Enslavement’s “Witchcraft” when it comes to the symphonic and melodic parts. But these 2 unknown individuals haven’t forgotten their own scene as they are influenced by Thy Serpent and their “Forests of Witchery” and “Lords of Twilight” releases as well.

Have I forgotten anything? Oh yeah, the album closes with a fine Bathory’s “Home of the Once Brave” cover and the 2 man behind Disciples of the Void have recruited Trish Kolvart (known for her work within Cultist, Djevelkult, Gestalte among others) as a session member for the drums. Enjoying the albums I mentioned? Than you will definitely enjoy “Disciples of the Void”. (Ricardo)

Disciples of the Void

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