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Pagan Megalith – Viharjárás

pagan megalith – viharjárás

Once again an underground Black Metal band from Hungary presented by Neverheard Distro. After 2 demos and a full-length within 6 years, the band decided to put an end to it in 2010. But in 2016 Ga’eheln decided he still has some Black Metal ideas left in him, so reforming Pagan Megalith was only a matter of time. Fast and a bit unpolished Black Metal will enter your ears when you listen to “Viharjárás”, yet with icy riff-driven compositions (a nice example is the song “A siralmas énekből / From the Sorrowful Lament”). All played with the early/mid 1990s Nordic vibe and sorrowful vocals. Nothing special, but it was certainly nice to listen to.  (Ricardo)