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Malus Votum – Tradition

malus votum – tradition

“Malus Votum offer you the keys to their cosmic creations and times – will you unlock this Tradition?”. Can’t say every promotional description make me enthusiastic to move to listen to the music, but hey…I’ve read far worse as well.

Malus Votum from the US are presenting their debut album “Tradition” and the album title is in fact a good starting point as it is a mix of second wave Black Metal and meant as countermovement towards all the “impure post-“ tainted Black Metal or Black Metal where the computer is a more important factor than the instruments or song-writing skills. Grond Nefarious and Goatlord are quite clear about their intentions; second wave Black Metal with hints of Burzum, Emperor (take a listen to “Wolf Age”) and the Norwegian 90s Black Metal scene in general. Subtle keys creating an cosmic atmosphere with room for darkness as well as melody in the riffs and song writing.

The intention is genuine and the goal they were aiming at, has been hit like a sniper. “Tradition” is without any doubt traditional Black Metal and worth checking out. (Ricardo)