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Divine Rapture – The Burning Passion

divine rapture – the burning passion

I already said after hearing their promo two years ago: Divine Rapture is a band with potential. I mean, they had their promo produced by Erik Rutan, and the climate was perfect for this hyper death metal. And yes, they got signed by Listenable, and here’s their first CD. Basically it’s an album with songs that contain all the right elements. Brutality, speed, technique. And yet. I can’t help it, but I’m a bit disappointed in this album. Maybe it’s just because two years have passed since the promo. Two years in which I’ve heard a whole bunch of bands like this, Hate Eternal, Angelcorpse, Centurian, you name it. Believe me, there’s nothing wrong with this form of death metal. But whenever a band -like Divine Rapture in this case- comes up with a debut album, I want to be amazed, I want to be surprised. And I’m not.

They’re doing it just too much by the book. I’m a die hard death metal lover, trust me, but I do want to hear a bit more than just musical skills and brutality. This is a CD that contains every element for a death metal band (except originality) but basically doesn’t add anything. I would have rather put a good review here, because I’ve had my hopes up for these men. So I guess the album doesn’t really live up to its title, because I really miss ‘the burning passion’. (Stijn)