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Berzerker Legion – Obliterate the Weak

berzerker legion – obliterate the weak

When individuals with certain musical experience within hordes like Wombbath, Asphyx, Dark Funeral, Grave, Gods Foraken, Vader, Just Before Dawn and Therion…and believe me, the list goes on even further, come together to express their ideas they can’t deliver within their previous and current bands or projects, it is almost like playing “Guess Who” and getting stuck with Max (Black Metal), David (Ambient), Anne (Thrash Metal) and Paul (pure Heavy/Speed Metal). And there is always Bill…jolly good old Bill! It must be Bill! It must be Death Metal! And I’m aware of the fact you have to ask some pretty odd questions to get stuck with the selection of names I just mentioned…

And indeed, Death Metal it is, but with a twist having the aformentioned bands in mind. No Asphyx, no Wombbath, no Vader…but end 1990s / begin 2000s melodic Death Metal in the vein of Hypocrisy, Amon Amarth and At The Gates, but most of all Hypocrisy and Amon Amarth.

And I mislead you a bit as I haven’t mentioned it before, but long-time live guitarist of Hypocrisy, Tomas Elofsson is in the band as well, but he wasn’t involved with albums like “Hypocrisy” and “Into The Abyss”, 2 albums I recognize instantly in “Obliterate the Weak”. Or the vibe of the re-recording of “The Fourth Dimension” track “Deathrow (No Regrets)” on the “10 Years of Chaos and Confusion” compilation. The Amon Amarth (“The Avenger” and “The Crusher”-era”) and At The Gates riffs or melodies are present, for example just give ““Of Blood and Ash” a listen and tell me without blinkin’ you don’t think of Amon Amarth during that one or the start of “A World in Despair” which is more At The Gates, but in general it just breathes Hypocrisy.

For some of you this will be a game breaker, but if you can go past the fact they are not influenced by “new” albums as they are released 20 years ago, you will hear a very well executed Death Metal album with lots of variation in pace, melodies and recognizable riffs… (Ricardo)