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Mysto Dysto – The Rules Have Been Disturbed [Re-Release]

mysto dysto – the rules have been disturbed [re-release]


Young as I am, being born in 1983 myself, I haven’t been able to witness the Dutch metal scene in the eighties. But the fact that The Netherlands wasn’t quite the best breeding ground for heavy metal bands isn’t much of a secret of course, mention the best Dutch eighties bands and you’ll be mentioning not many more than maybe fifteen or twenty really good bands. But… None of them were successful on a global scale, but the reason for that is not always that clear to see. Many of the old Dutch bands were playing nothing less than the bigger (American) metal acts. Whether it was because of the own sound of the early Dutch bands or just because they weren’t able to get themselves in the spotlight…

Newborn Dutch label Rusty Cage Records had the same feeling I already had for a few years, this legacy should be treasured instead of letting this music fade into oblivion sooner or later. I guess they have seen this as some kind of mission to save all this for future generations, younger fans or for people who sold their collection a decade ago and start to feel sorry about that (you would be surprised how many!). Besides this Mysto Dysto Rusty Cage Records re-released early works of Lunatics Without Skateboards, Defender, Hammer Hawk en Jewel. All equipped with some extras but with the original artwork (thanks a lot!).

Mysto Dysto might be the classic example of a Dutch metal band with all the potential and capacities but without any success. This band has been formed back in 1981 and got its name from some distortion pedal that was released back in the days and wasn’t received very well. Anyway, the band recorded a demo two years later in 1984. The lack of a label forced them to release their “The Rules Have Been Disturbed” themselves in only 500 quantities only. It is obvious that hardly anybody has got the original release today. Not only because of the pretty interesting Agent Steel-like speed metal (including vocal resemblances with Cyriis at the high pitched sustained notes) that has some touches with both hardrock and thrash metal (listen to the great “Tarantula” for instance!) but also because of the historical importance this is a work of metal that shouldn’t be neglected. This was one of the first outfits that featured Marcel Verdurmen, who gained most of his fame with Altar and Orphanage. After this album they recorded a cult demo “No AIDS In Hell” in 1987 and that finally led to a deal with a not very well known label called Disaster. But this deal also meant the end for Mysto Dysto as they changed their name into Mandator, under this name they released two more records of which the first one “Initial Velocity” is arguably the best and also belongs to the better metal works from The Netherlands but also didn’t get the attention it deserved.

For purists, collectors or interested people this is actually an album that should be bought instantly. To add a little more to the original package two bonustracks has been added to the tracklist, two tracks taken from the aforementioned “No AIDS In Hell”-demo. The only critical point I can make is the packaging of the whole product, musically its is just plain perfect (including a very clear and well-done production which has been left untouched, luckily), a no-pages booklet with so little extras is a bit of a let down to me, this was the ultimate chance of putting something really cool together with extra photos (look at the very cool Ron Jeremy alike porn-moustaches on this one picture in the booklet!), too bad a missed chance. Other than this, thumbs up, I’m more than curious to the other releases in this series and the coming releases of this promising label!

Rusty Cage Records

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