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Lucifera – La cacería de brujas

lucifera – la cacería de brujas

South America has a bit of a reputation for bringing the rest of the world some of the best metal that will savagely pin back your ears. Sepultura is probably the best-known outside of South America but other well-known bands include Krisiun and Sarcofago. Well now let me introduce Lucifera who hail from Columbia. Now our South American metal friends will probably kick my arse for that last sentence because they’ve been around since 2008 and I’m sure the Columbian metal hordes have been listening and worshipping at the altar of Lucifera since then and who can blame them. “La Caceria De Brugas” is blackened Thrash that goes at a million miles an hour and if this is what you crave then Lucifera gives you what you crave.

“La Caceria De Brugas” was released in early 2019 and brings everything precious to the heart of this genres faithful. Now, this is where I usually rabbit on about thrashy melodic riffs that burn up and down the fret board which, by the way, is brilliantly provided by Hellrazor, blast beats combined with some ferocious and thrashy drumming and mind-bendingly fat tempos and yes they are all well and truly there but I really need to make a special mention of Alejandra Pacheco who, as well as playing bass, belts out the lyrics like a possessed banshee. Oh, my goodness, what range, what anger, what the fuck. She is truly a demon possessed with a voice that would raise the dead who would then blindly follow her to the end of the world and it’s all so so good.

All the tracks on “La Caceria De Brugas” are sung in Spanish, and unfortunately my Spanish is non-existent but from the track names and the band name I’m guessing the album sings the praises of the netherworld and all that live by that creed. I did however look up the album title though and it means witch hunt or witch purge which does verify my thinking or so says google, so please forgive me if this is incorrect.

So, favourite tracks on here are, well all 8 of them. Sorry I’m not going to give you a rundown track by track. All you need to know is that this album will melt your face, strip the paint of your walls and move the foundations of your neighbourhood’s dwellings. This album is a true representation of blackened Thrash’s rawness and evil intent. (Longstretch)