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Innumerable Forms – Despotic Rule [Demo]

innumerable forms – despotic rule [demo]


A quick two song demo release from this US based Death Metal outfit, and after the amazing effort that was “Punishment in Flesh” (2018) one must say I was pretty keen to get my ears around this one. It must be noted that I found that release more of a Death/Doom affair, and as stated a fucking magnificent one at that, but genre tags are subjective so please feel free to send any poncy whiny correspondence you may have to Ricardo at VM Underground so he can tell you to go eat a bag of dicks, and possibly call you a cunt while he is at it. Anyway, enough of that.

“Despotic Rule” is the title given to the demo here on offer, and opening track “Philosophical Collapse” is the first heavyweight to heave it’s mightiness at you, and much like a lumbering beast of almost Jurassic proportions, this thing just simply crushes. Almost like you have startled the creature out of some long slumber, it then seems intent on trampling you into the very earth beneath your feet, before it then stands back and has a good hard long think about things, pondering why it has awoken, and who exactly awoke it in the first place. Once the realisation kicks in that it has indeed squished some poor innocent bystander, it then fucks off at off at a gallop, presumably to resume it’s sleep in an area where it will not be disturbed. One can only sum this song up as a very deadly, but brief encounter. Excellent, obviously lethal, but way too short in my humble opinion.

Track two, the titular “Despotic Rule” sees the beast well and truly awake, and imposing it’s tyrannical self on all and sundry within stomping distance. Yep, buildings, mountains, even entire villages are being wiped clean off the face of the Earth with a mixture of slowly methodical intent and just flat out plain old belligerence. Highly entertaining to watch, from a distance I assure you, but then just as you crack a beer and settle in for the ride it’s all over.

Am I disappointed in the music on offer here? Not a fucking chance in hell. I do understand 2020 has been the year of shit for most if not all bands out there, and this is some quality stuff. I AM disappointed that in less time than it usually takes me to drink a six pack and smoke a cheap packet of imported Taiwanese cigarettes this is all over. I am a greedy bastard, and I want more! When a band is this solid, don’t we all wish to bask in their excellence for as long as we are able?

Hats off to you Innumerable Forms for keeping the ball rolling, and may 2021 be the year that you unleash sheer merry hell upon us all! (The Great Mackintosh)

Innumerable Forms

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