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Impetigo – Ultimo Mondo Cannibale [Re-Release]

impetigo – ultimo mondo cannibale [re-release]


Seven years after its first re-issue by Morbid Records “Ultimo Mondo Cannibale” is now released as its ULTIMATE version. Before giving away what extra stuff can be found on this new re-issue I’ll tell you all a little story about how Impetigo came into my life. How sweet of me isn’t it?

I actually have a hard time remembering which of the 2 Impetigo albums I heard first. I do remember having ordered “Horror of the zombies” at some small Dutch mailorder but perhaps I heard “Ultimo Mondo Cannibale” before “Horror of the zombies” arrived at my house. I know for a fact that I hooked up with some metal dudes in the summer of 1993 after they heard me cranking Fear Factory’s debut album fucken loud at our local swimming pool. Later they told me they didn’t care about me but just wanted to hear some good music haha. Lovely!

Obviously we got along quite well and I started to hang out with them and borrow some albums from these guys, one of them is actually Max Duys of Suppository fame. And yes I was the very first ‘singer’ Suppository had and was in the band when the historic event took place when former bass player Roger Monet came up with the band name! Ah good memories and some real underground metal trivia for ya. But I digress.

One of the albums the other dude (Christian Franz) lend to me was “Ultimo Mondo Cannibale” and from the moment I heard the first movie sample, the filthy throbbing riffs, the unique vocals by Stevo and that pungent groove I knew this band had IT for me. Many listening sessions followed and I started to memorize the intros and outros of the songs. Stupid enough I’ve only recently started to check out all those obscure gore/horror movies but better late than fucken never.

You ask “Now why is this re-issue really the ultimate version?”

Well for one it includes 24 songs in total of which the first 18 are the complete recording session of “Ultimo Mondo Cannibale”. Since Wild Rags released different versions of the album on LP and tape back in the day the complete tracklist wasn’t available on CD until Morbid Records re-issued it in 1999. However they forgot to print the fucken additional songs on the backcover or in the booklet. Fucken brilliant…

Fortunately Razorback Records takes things in an admirable professional way and not only show all song titles but offer this CD in an exquisite packaging. The album cover is the first version Stevo drew but which was rejected. The front of the back cover (take out the CD you genius!) shows a collage of old flyers, interview and review excerpts. The CD booklet contains superb liner notes by Stevo who has written 8 pages about the entire history of making this album plus makes comments about all 24 tracks! Also (yes also, you fuck!), the entire album has been re-mastered and has never sounded better. Don’t worry, it still sounds like a “very odd piece of death grind aural poop” as Stevo puts it.

You ask “So what about the other 6 songs?”

Conveniently the juicy Faceless EP has been added plus two live songs from their legendary Rhode Island gig on 4/11/1992. I still have a tape recording of that gig but it’s sadly gathering dust in my sister’s basement back in my home country, ugh. Obviously the live recordings sound truly underground but Impetigo lovers will embrace it like they would a limbless chick with a menstruating cunt.

You ask “So it really IS the ultimate edition of “Ultimo Mondo Bizarre”?”

No it’s not, at least not for me personally. Unfortunately the exact same thing which annoyed me on the Morbid Records re-issue can be found, or more precisely NOT be found, on this re-issue. The hilarious outro of “Mortado” (a prank call done by the guys of Splattereah) has disappeared since it apparently featured some guy yelling “Die nigger”! I never picked up on this in fucken numerous listening sessions it and in the interview I did with Stevo he says only one person pointed it out to him. I’m sure that with current techniques they could have filtered these two words out of the prank call and left the prank call in its righteous place. Most obviously I’m a fucken prick for bitching about it. And most obviously I’m entitled to bitch about anything I want to.

To end this short review on a good note, it turned out that I bought this re-issue from Mark Sawickis which I was totally unaware of until I received a payment confirmation e-mail from his mail address haha.

You ask “So I need to buy this?”