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Imperial Crystalline Entombment – Apocalyptic End in White

imperial crystalline entombment – apocalyptic end in white


Black metal is one of the extreme metal genres that can be further elaborated into many different styles and in the most diverse ranges. However, I.C.E. (Imperial Crystalline Entombment) makes it simple – not so grand, yet something really catchy. Check out the band’s first album “Apocalyptic End in White”…

I.C.E. is not merely a coincidental acronym of the band’s full name; actually, ice is the literal theme of their music. In the album, “Cryogenic Communion” (the intro track) is the only track that really provides that winter feel, and perhaps, without it, the succeeding tracks will leave no hints whatsoever of ice or blizzards. But though the rest of the tracks lack the necessary effects to animate the band’s theme, we can’t ignore the excellent musicianship and composition as well. Take away the I.C.E. band name, the intro track and the track titles that speak of ice and what you’ll get is modern black metal that, though apparently based on raw old-school black metal (except that there are no conspicuous war-like guitars and cymbals), radiates a more melodic aura which definitely does not sound symphonic but a piece of death metal influence. But bring in all the literal indications of the icy theme: the blastbeats may then yield images of hailstorms and the rasp vocals be treated as a whirling omen of a cyclone, or things like that. “Astral Frost Invocation” and “Hypothermic Possession” are two of the stand-out tracks in the album, each with distinct tunes and infectious speed. The sequence of the tracks is very effective – the intro track sets the atmosphere of the theme and the two above-mentioned tracks immediately follow to ignite the energy until the last track. Well, one thing for sure is that whoever listens to this album cannot afford to stay frozen. I.C.E. should not stay frozen for very long, too – can’t wait to find out how the next album will be like! (KateT)

Imperial Crystalline Entombment

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