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Helleruin / De Gevreesde Ziekte – Invincible / Ω [Split]

helleruin / de gevreesde ziekte – invincible / Ω [split]


It’s time for a Dutch/Belgian collaboration. Two Dutch Black Metal bands, Helleruin from Groningen and De Gevreesde Ziekte from Eindhoven have together for a split release that has been put out on CD, Cassette and LP by Belgian label Babylon Doom Cult Records.

A croaked vocal opening leading straight into a tremolo picking melody signifies the first tones from one man project Helleruin, and from there a bludgeoning drumming display contrasts starkly with the uber depressive and surprisingly understandable lyrics. There is a significantly wintry feel to the guitar leads and this is bolstered by the sounds of hostile Arctic winds that see out opening track ‘Invincible’ before leading seamlessly into the similarly ferocious sounding ‘Mijn ziel aan de duivel’, a somewhat catchy slice of fast paced blast-beat driven aural punishment. Easily the track of Helleruin’s three on offer in my opinion is the slower, groove drenched ‘We Rush Ahead’ which not only makes far greater use of  the bass element, but also has a very dark, almost evil tone to the riffs.

De Gevreesde Ziekte opener up their half of proceedings with ‘Zwartgallig’, which in contrast to the last track removes the air of gloom that had been created and instead focuses on full throttle blast-beats, savage screaming vocals and intensive guitar leads, before mellowing out into a slower paced, bass heavy interlude that settles into the middle of a ravenous Black Metal sandwich. ‘Zelfhaat’ sees the return of the murky, ominous atmosphere through cavernous drum tones and blackened guitar leads before exploding outwards into a tidal wave of Buzzsaw riffs, more blast-beats and traditional BM vocals that do struggle into the mix a little to be heard over the incessant drum tones. Just like Helleruin, De Gevreesde Ziekteleave their strongest offering for last whilst in this case sticking firmly to their ferocious pace and ravenous cacophonous style.

A very decent split release featuring two Black Metal bands very much in the traditional vein of the genre. (Marksson)

De Gevreesde Ziekte

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