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Disastrous Murmur – Santo Subito

disastrous murmur – santo subito

The return of the Austrian sickos after 13 years since their last full length, which was “Marinate your Meat” (2006), and with ”Santo Subito” they are back and showing some twisted cover art as this fabulous band always used to do.

Here we have 13 tracks of mentally deranged Death Metal with many ”rocking” riffs and solos. Something like Carcass used to evolve with adding more playing skills to their sick stuff. Disastrous Murmur keeps the style and sound we are familiar with and vomiting on us since ”Rhapsodies in Red”.

The only remaining original member Manfred Perack (drums) keeps blasting and making same double pedal moves without turning it into blast beat, like he always did. With this formula, Disastrous Murmur reaches their trade mark and they can revolve your guts without need of a blast beat or guttural vocals. They want you to hear each detail of their twisted music. Elmar Warmuth guitar sound is very similar to Harald Bezdek’s, his predecessor, and of course mister Michi Soos (bass) does a very good job as well as you can hear his 4 strings clearly during the riffs…and there you have it; the return of this twisted Austrian meat grinder machine.

I have nothing more left to say besides that if you are into Death Metal then you know what I mean when I talk about Disastrous Murmur…Are you into sick stuff like Pungent Stench, Disharmonic Orchestra, Repulsion or Abscess? Yeah? What are you waiting for? (Gangrene Pus)