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Decayed – The Oath of Heathen Blood

decayed – the oath of heathen blood

Decayed, one of Portugal’s first and oldest 1990-ies Black Metal genre bands release with “The Oath Of Heathen Blood” their 13th studio album. In the course of time, this band has managed to merge the typical Black Metal sound of the early nineties with old school first generation Black Metal (Venom, Bathory), slowly refining and defining their sound and creating an immense wall of sound on each album.

This new album sees a rejuvenated Decayed. After an ominous intro, the title tracks explodes in full force. It’s vintage Decayed. Heavy, hard hitting drums and bass and the immense dark guitar sound the band has managed to create over the years. The raw, demonic vocals from Vulturius are more prominent in the mix this time: screaming, shrieking and vociferating his uncanny vocals. It only adds to the mayhem…

“Torn By Lions”, “Grave Desecrators”, “Masque Of Red Death” “The Cronos Device” (inspired by the 1993 Mexican horror debut film written and directed by Guillermo del Toro) are full all out assaults. And have a listen to the hypnotizing Bathory-esque “Her Dark Eyes / Eternal”. Ungodly …

The strength of this album lies in the subtle details: menacing keyboards/synths are used here and there to add an extra dimension to the music. The truly heavy rhythm section is remarkable and a solid backbone for the insidious vocals and the overwhelming guitars.

In short: Decayed nails it again. Fans of this band don’t have to hesitate. And to all other black metal fans…give this album a spin at maximum volume. It combines the best of 2 waves of Black Metal. (LV)