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Depraved [FRA] – Raped Innocence

depraved [fra] – raped innocence

Absolute sonic bestiality is what you will get if you dare to play the fourth full-length album of the French monsters Depraved! Eleven tracks of ferocious Death/Grind with literally rape your ears to the point of skull-crushing. First impressive thing here is the beautiful cover artwork, typical for this band (check out their second album “Decadence and Lust” from 2001 to see what I mean) but the real power is in the eleven fast and brutal tracks.

Kristof Henry offers deep growls mixed with hysterical screams and is very good at both. Through the whole album Depraved keep tight galloping and grinding tempo and it is obvious that those guys are very experienced musicians. Some black metal elements enter the Death/Grind storm on “50 Shades of Blood” and some Bolt Thrower vibe comes from “No Time For Peace”. Add to that the great Thrashy/Grind feeling in “Mental Illness” and you have one bloody great album filled with brutal and catchy guitar riffs and crushing and precise drumming.

The music production is also on a very good level and lets you to thoroughly enjoy this Depraved sonic gem. Check this out if you need extreme music of the highest quality! (Zvetan)