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Belshazzar – Holy Blood [Demo]

belshazzar – holy blood [demo]

Not a lot of info on these Black Metallers or one Blackened soul from the USA…see, not even sure if there is only one member or several in the band. Only thing known is that Belshazzar was a regent for his father Nabonidus, the last king of the Neo-Babylonian empire, so it is fair to say he was a biblical figure. And I am able to tell you this is their first demo and their debut release for that matter and I dare to say it is quite a good one.

With an early 1990s atmosphere concerning the sound, more groovy than icy riffs, the occasional use of the organ and a more lower demonic-than-a-high-pitched-scream, Belshazzar delivers a demo that will be very enjoyable for the ones who enjoyed Moenen of Xezbeth’s “Ancient Spells of Darkness​.​.​.”. (Ricardo)