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Gevlerkt – De Grote Sterfte

gevlerkt – de grote sterfte

Gevlerkt is a side project from Wederganger members MJWW and Botmuyl. In typical Wederganger fashion the album starts fairly slow, ominous like a creeping mist coming ever closer. Then it surrounds you, and slowly it picks up. Using Botmuyl’s impressive vocals to surround you while the melody moves through you, in a dark waltz of dead and suffocation. At the end of the first song ‘Het Boze Oog’ (the evil eye) the tempo picks up and gets increasingly aggressive. I’m happy to say this continues in the next song and remains the entire album. Gevlerkt doesn’t let you get bored though, tempo and melody will shift throughout the album like ebb and flow, showing that MJWW knows exactly what he is doing. My personal favourite from this album would be ‘De Nacht’ (the night), a great song, slower than most on this album but with very intense, incredible evil vocals. Just how I like them, slow, evil and cold to the bond. All in all the whole 37 minutes of this album are a great tribute to true, hateful black metal. New Era sure knows to pick the good bands to support and another Dutch album has joined the ever increasing legion of great black metal to be found in this small country. If you enjoy more traditional oriented black metal with a pinch more melody and rhythm I greatly recommend this album. (Svart)