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Solothus – Summoned From The Void [Re-Release]

solothus – summoned from the void [re-release]


The first time I heard the Finnish Death/Doom Metal band Solothus was with the 2013 Nihilistic Holocaust released reissue of the band’s sole demo, ‘Ritual Of The Horned Skull’, originally released in 2011. That reissue was almost released simultaneously with the release of Solothus’ debut album, ‘Summoned From The Void’, which, surprisingly, never had a vinyl release. Up till now, the recently rearisen Doomentia Records is setting that record straight in February 2023.

The band’s two follow-up records, ‘No King Reigns Eternal’ (2016) and ‘Realm Of Ash And Cloud’ (2020), were both very well received, which made the absence of a vinyl version of their first album all the more remarkable. On this first album the Finns already had a very solid and heavy sound which was a bit of a balancing act between the slower Death Metal regions and straight up Doom/Death Metal. With obvious resemblances with early Incantation and Paradise Lost, it all blended down into a massively sounding debut album on which the riffs are way more dominant than to ‘Gothic’-tinged melodies. Yet, when the music goes into a bit of those melodic territories, it is hard not to think of those two first Paradise Lost albums. Only the real leads, like on ‘Magus Of Doom’, shows the band on a more melodic side, very much schooled on classic Heavy Metal, yet on an almost Funeral Doom pace.

You would need a lot of imagination to label any of the elements that are found on ‘Summoned From The Void’ as original. But, when things are done right, they are done right. Solothus definitely has all the right ingredients to cook up their thick and gooey stew of Death Metal and Doom/Death Metal, spiced up with some nice melodic touches to prevent to let it taste all too flat.

So, if you have missed out on the original release or were eagerly awaiting the album’s vinyl release, this is your chance. If this is your first time to encounter the band and you are into bands like old Incantation, Paradise Lost, Decpomosed, diSEMBOWELMENT, Sempiternal Deathreign, Mystic Charm or even a more standard band like Gorement, give Solothus a shot.