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Tangorodrim – Justus Ex Fide Vivit

tangorodrim – justus ex fide vivit


The name of this extreme raw black metal outfit from Israel (though the members are from Russian origin) translates to “Mountains Of Oppression”, taken from JRR Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings. Whether they’ve gone to a Jewish state because of this bandname or visa versa is not sure, but it pretty much suggests that this has got something to do with each other. Musically, this album goes back to the dark ages of the 80’s where all extreme metal genres were still one genre. This is the vinyl release of their fourth album done by the new label Doomentia Records. And right they were, this album should be listened to on vinyl only, a label like Southern Lord (that released the CD version) should’ve known better.

Blackish metal with enough oouh’s and aaaah’s to deserve a spot between your old Hellhammer, Venom, Sabbat, Bathory and later Darkthrone albums. Extremely primitive in all its beauty, and makes it a hell of a headbanger. With the buzzsawing guitar work it goes easily hand in hands with the filthiest mid-tempo black metal ever made. The raw vocals mix good with the raw production and the rumbling instruments, just sounding like a recording from way back in metal history. Tangorodrim therefore deserves to be mentioned with the best forerunners of the so called ‘revival’ of the old school metal sound. Mixing the best of all continents and all extreme metal genres.

Besides the well crafted obscure metal that’s on this piece of black wax, the packaging is worth a few props too. The lyrics are best read along with the music which gives the whole a dimension more to feast on. Definitely a must, and for those who are interested, this great vinyl release is limited to 500 copies and is still available through the better distros world wide. You know where to look, don’t you?


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