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VHS – Gore From Beyond The Stars

vhs – gore from beyond the stars

VHS, of course you instantly have nostalgia to rewinding those fucking things and seeing staticy lines being impatient to rewatch your favorite movie, show, or porn flick. Clever concept and name for Ontario based trio to conjure up their influences from campy gory movies, scifi, and raunchy Death Metal to present to us their fourth LP “Gore From Beyond The Stars.”

Cover art is what turned me on to hearing this album, showing a better detailed image of a scene taken from cult classic Heavy Metal (1981) when astronaut who free fell to Earth in a corvette, opens up a briefcase containing the infamous Locknar, immediately causing catastrophe to anyone who comes in contact with it. Love the eclectic inventiveness these guys strive for in their music. It resonates with their name so perfectly, anyone who appreciates all above mentioned HAS to give this a go.

No two tracks quite the same, featuring Andrew Gigan to feature synthy instrumentals for “Blast Off” and “End Transmission”, 80s orchestrated that you can never get tired of. Between the other 14 tracks, one other instrumental being the extensive, groovy illusory “Space Jam”, this LP encapsulates 80s era horror samples with Don LaFontaine essence on about every track, some kooky playups of cheesy glam metal notable on “Earth Girls Are Easy” with ball gripping guest vocals by Paulie from Stallion that stand out, and lots of spacey, piercing riffs with guttural cadence by madman Mike Hochins. Really love tracks “Sealed with A Kiss”, “Xtro: Daddy’s Home”, and “Nostromo”.

Pop some shrooms or smoke a blunt to enjoy this crazy fucking ride among the stars and hope you don’t fall into a black hole. (Tori Belle)