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Orm – Mit blod [EP]

orm – mit blod [ep]

On “Mit blod” this four headed Danish collective Orm slaps you from one brick wall to the next one. On this two track EP Orm serves you epic grandeur, copper sections, heartbreaking melancholy, ferocious Black Metal tornados, adventurous instrumental passages. This release really blew me out of my pinky knee-high unicorn socks.

Title track “Mit blod” opens patiently, building up slowly, keeping you on the edge of your chair, wondering where this 15 minute epos will take you. Halfway the riffs slowly fade out into fluent melodic leads only to merge into “wavy” Black Metal blasts like an everlasting tide. Even in all this musical fury, melancholy stays close at hand. Suddenly all this aggression comes to an abrupt end and a copper section emerges gracefully out of this black swirling ocean, like a great white whale reaching for the ashen grey skies.

Second track “Notes to You” grabs you by the throat right from the start. Melancholy, heartache, brilliantly layered vocals. A song to listen to late at night,…alone, with a good bottle of red wine and to let yourself be swallowed in blackest despair.

Personally, this EP stands out as a classic. This reaches perfection. The combination of sheer brutal aggression, fragile and heartbreaking melancholy makes this EP a rare gem in a pile of never-ending releases.

Listen to franki_boj’s wise advice, bow your head, lower your shoulders and drown yourself in Orm. (Franki_boj)