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Intolerant – Primal Future

intolerant – primal future

Hailing from Rome, Italy, come Intolerant, a two piece Black/Death/Noise combo featuring Soul Devourer (screams, guitars) and Antihuman War Machine (drums, mixing, mastering). “Primal Future” is their first full length.

Intolerant make vile, filthy and rotten high speed martial Bestial Black/Death Metal, heavily contaminated with Industrial and Harsh Noise elements, including programmed sludgy gabber drums.

Picture yourself a high octane Subduer, an Intolitarian, The Berzerker and assorted ultra-noise terrorists the likes of Brahmastrika Tetragrammacide, Konflict or Radon Stench and you’re there.

Propelled by an enormous heavy dirty drum beat, sick rabid growls and a crushing rhythm section, Intolerant spew out fine compositions like “Bastard Humans”, “Post-atomic Satanic Whores”, “Demonic Battle Beasts of Victory” or “Dishonour Blood with Blood”, all forged and defecated in the finest tradition of this apocalyptic musical genre. And the punishment goes on like this for almost half an hour. The production is flawless for the genre, the overall atmosphere downright demonic and insane.

“Primal Future” gets a maximum score from me and disciples of post-atomic hyper noise can easily buy this gem! (LCF)