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Carcinoma / Abyssal – Apanthropinization [Split]

carcinoma / abyssal – apanthropinization [split]


It’s always difficult describing something your favourite band has made and since Abyssal were one of the very few loves at first listen in my life, my expectations were very high

I have never heard Carcinoma before, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. A nice combination of Black and Death metal, with a distinguished atmosphere and a lot of dissonance is what I got. While their music is chaotic, there are still awesome riffs and dark melodies. The instruments are powerful, but still balanced enough to be recognised Since this is only their second release (they made a two song demo in 2015), they deserve more recognition than they have got so far. This is one of those bands that have everything extreme metal wants, and also have all of that in just the right amount.

And now for Abyssal… For awhile this band and who’s behind it, was a complete mystery. No playing live, their FB page is basically blank and their Bandcamp page didn’t provide a lot of information. In 2018 they performed live for the first time (which happened in the Oration Festival in Iceland, and some members of Carcinoma played live with the band) and around that time it was revealed that Abyssal is basically a one man band from UK, playing something that could only be described as a combination of Black / Death / Doom (similar to Antediluvian, Portal and Mitochondrion).

Some of you might be familiar with Abyssals album “Antikatasteis” (from 2015) which clearly explained why there had to be so many adjectives used to describe the music. The concrete crushing drumming is combined with dense, impenetrable riffs and cavernous howling and yelling, spiced up with some ambient music and a terrifying atmosphere around all of it.

Apanthropinisation, as a word, describes complete withdrawal from the world and problems associated with it. “Apanthropinisation”, as a split album I tried to describe here, will give you exactly that. This is one top of the notch release.


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