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Ormskrik – Ormskrik

ormskrik – ormskrik


I really love writing reviews and ok, sometimes it’s harder than others but when you get to listen to something that’s both striking and brutal plus it allows me to be able to get in on the ground floor of a band that brings that brutal and bone crunching concentration of noise that I love hearing then well, I’m just in heaven. So, with that I give you Ormskrik and their debut self-titled album “Ormskrik”.

This rag tag batch of blackened thrashers hail from Norway and have released an album that is 11 tracks of pure and utter mayhem and madness with plenty of melody infused into the mix. I may use the term rag tag but each member of Ormskrik are enormously brilliant and talented musicians. To produce an album of this quality as a debut is a feat in itself and they deserve a huge pat on the back for this release.

Our imposing rampage begins with “Occultness” which grabs you by the throat and rattles every bone in your body. Then along comes “Destroyer of Worlds”. Probably one of my favourite tracks on the album. Prepare yourself for some of the most crushing riffs and lead work one could wish for. Combine this with drumming that assaults your very being and pure unadulterated vocal anger and you definitely have a killer track.

To keep this technical powerhouse of controlled aggression and inhumanity going is the humungous “March of the Dead” and the more melodic “Deathwind”. “Vegan Til” is a beautifully done acoustic peace that belies the fury and violent onslaught that has come before. It only lasts about a minute and I pretty sure it was added to the mix firstly to throw you off guard but also to give our intrepid musicians a bit of respite.

What comes after is more unbridled chaos and bedlam that doesn’t allow you to just sit down and listen as each sledgehammer riff, blunt force drumming and trauma inducing vocals is sure to get head bangers banging and circle workers well um circling.

Ormskrik have delivered a brilliant debut album that should be played extremely loud before you head off into battle, charging head on into your enemies with face grimacing and wielding battle axes all the while spiting and screaming blood curdling cries of murder and anarchy.

I beg, nay plead, that you not to wait another 5 years before releasing your next album and in the famous words of Oliver, please sir can I have some more. (Longstretch)


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