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Megascavenger – As Dystopia Beckons

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The Death Metal machine strikes back again and again…I am talking of who else if not Rogga Johansson from Sweden and this Project he has been working on called Megascavenger. This is their third album which got released via Selfemadgod Records and features as usual…a bunch of different vocalists (some better than others)…but let’s get into the whole thing…ok?. Musically speaking this third Megascavenger album is much more into the death metal field compared to its predecesor…pretty simple but effective, the songs basically show what we may expect from Mr Johansson…crunchy bloody riffs, some heavy groovy parts all accompanied by hints of special effects and sounds that could…maybe could remind me a bit of what once was Nocturnus…having this said…don’t expect a very fast or heavy sound production…not at all…instead is very cristal and clear where all element are in its right position in terms of mixing. Now let’s go to the vocalists department…we can find here some very well known names such as Kam Lee or Dave Ingram…both deliver an excellent work showing over the top skills in its respective songs…then we find Sven Gross from Fleshcrawl who manages to come up with a very low grasp growing attack…with emphasis in lower tones techniques…then we have Joakim Svens doing the third song, known for his Works in Entrails…more into a crude singing style, the man adds certain feeling of malevolence to the song…nothing complex but really effective. Fourth track features Loch Vostok’ s Teddy Moller…one of the softest and less death metal songs in the album…the vocal approach here goes more into modern metal kind…pretty cool and refreshing after a while hearing pure growls…ha ha ha…then track number six features Brynjar Helgetun…which I knew from his drumming works in The Grostesquery Crypticus…his approach is a bit different as he uses kind of a “Grindcorish” vocals, pretty convenient for the song he did. Track number seven brings Aad Klooosterwaard…which maybe does not tell too much…but if I say Sinister Cross the Styx, Diabolical Summoning, Hate…and on and on…well…things change right?…this gentleman played the drums in all those classic albums, I didn’t know he had such a good voice…so there you got…particular mention deserves the eighth song which is performed by Kam Lee as he uses a completely different voice…kind of gothic depressive…but it’s Kam Lee…he can do whatever he wants…or not?. There you got, pretty varied album with strong connections to a softer death metal and including some experimental progressive elements accompanied by a squad of different singers…if you liked the previews work, I’m pretty sure, you’ll love this one too. (Master Butcher)


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