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Deivos – Casus Belli

deivos – casus belli

I’m not usually a fan of brutal technical Death Metal as I like it fast and loose most of the time when I’m listening to Death Metal, but Polish death dealers Deivos are simply crushing. “Casus Belli” is an album that is perfectly done brutal technical Death Metal, although it’s a style that is at risk of sounding very similar despite what band is doing it.

Staying unique and heavy but still brutal and technical is a delicate balance and this one is stripped down to its most pummelling. While not technically War Metal this album totally feels like a deceleration of metal war! The riffs chug along with the angry vocals to a breakneck speed that fit the tone of the music really well. This one is pretty oppressive in a great way, unrelenting furiously precise. The guitars are speedy and surgical with their assault. For me, brutal technical stuff can lose that headbanging speed and structure, but Deivos have found a great middle ground that will get people moving in the pit.

“Bitter End” has a great doom grip going through it until rising to back the frenzy of crunchy guitar work. The albums art is another great addition as it fits the sound and reminds one of Obituary’s “Cause of Death” and Kreator like Sci-Fi Metal art style, very fitting. The apocalyptic tone of “Casus Belli” along with the brutal delivery is great for any fans of technical Death Metal. (Bornonthecemetary)