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Ibex Angel Order – I.Ô. Creatôr / I.Ô. Destrôyer [EP]

ibex angel order – i.Ô. creatôr / i.Ô. destrôyer [ep]

When Herr Aids (vocals, guitar) and Ludas (drums) decided the infamous monicker of Funeral Goat no longer represented the musical and ideological message fruiting from their twisted minds, the Ibex Angel Order was spawned into existence. Since 2013 the twosome has thus been operating under this nom de guerre. Their only full length, titled simply “I” dates back to 2015, so besides one song on a split album through Terratur Possessions last year, it was time for another sign of (after)life from these Kwaadeind warriors.

In contrary to the raw, more straightforward approach of Funeral Goat, the two songs on this EP provide more depth and offer a more occult feel. Although still firmly rooted in de muddy banks of Black Metal, Ibex Angel Order does not shy away from looking past the boundaries of the genre. The low, almost gregorian chanting over the whirling, dissonant guitars builds up massive amounts of brooding atmosphere, and I.A.O. uses repetetiveness as an instrument to hypnotize the innocent, unwary listener into a world of demonic nightmares.

So, nothing to complain? Well yes, its total of just under ten minutes of music. I’m definitely hungry for more, so let’s hope they’ll come up with more music in the future. Quality over quantity is definitely preferred over shitty bands pooping out an album every year. (Stijn)