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Afvallige – Nevelveld [Demo]

afvallige – nevelveld [demo]


I’m glad to notice I can still be intrigued by a demo or album after all these years. Maybe the overall enthusiasm is less compared with the 1990s, cause a lot was “new” for me as a fan and collector, but I can still have that “heeeey, this is interesting…” or “let me push that repeat button”-feeling after hearing something for the first time…or fifth time. This is the case with Afvallige, a one-lost-soul Black Metal project from The Netherlands and the first demo “Nevelveld”. The good man, Nortfalke, has his fair share of providing the Dutch scene with lots of releases as he is active in some fine acts like Kaeck, Kjeld, Standvast and Uuntar.

When reading the words about Afvallige by Heidens Hart, they mention the influence of Dødheimsgard’s debut album “Kronet til konge” Mayhem’s “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” and Zyklon-B’s “Blood Must be Shed” EP, which is accurate as hell if you ask me so why should I come up with other references? Fans for the second wave Scandinavian Black Metal will certainly embrace this. The make-or-break element for Afvallige is the vocals. No icy screams or shrieking depressive pain outlets as Nortfalke chooses to shout at the listener. And not just shouting like somebody tips over your beer or is stealing your meat from your plate…no, you will hear shouts of pure hatred and hostility. Aggressive and filled with bitterness and it just fits perfectly! And there enters the Zyklon-B and Dødheimsgard influence, as both bands has Aldrahn behind the microphone who has the similar style, but I do have to say Nortfalke’s performance is remarkable. One last compliment for the sound, as it is gloomy yet clear but not overproduced clean resulting in the right sound for this demo. Definitely a top notch demo!


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