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Helleruin – Devils, Death and Dark Arts

helleruin – devils, death and dark arts


“And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell…” Matthew 5:30

Why should one cauterize that which brings a soul closer to the most potent emotion that a mortal can feel, why should the hand that creates such art, no matter the shape it takes be cast into the incendiary lake? For I say, should the soul not be free from being constricted in such bondage, why must one tame the mind, inoculate it against its most natural inhibitions?

There are those who seek to silence this entity that dwells within, to snuff the tongue that whispers such sermons, and then there those few, who let themselves be absorbed by such essence, to work in tangent , symbiotically with the nameless one and from this Faustian pact, some of the most enthralling pieces of work are birthed. “Devils, Death and Dark Arts” by Helleruin is an attestation wherein lies the proof that a soul can command the cacophony within and like the stone cutter who envisions his work hidden beneath the stone, so too does the creator, Carchost, of Helleruin carve such a monolith from the stygian entity.

The zenith of  “Devils, Death and Dark Arts” arrives naught in its ability to bestow a different shade to the aura of old school Black Metal, especially in its raw-like expulsion, for these are merits indeed, with tracks such as ” It Befalls the Night With Doom” and “Riddles in Devil’s Tongue”. However, the true beauty of this album lies beyond the chords and vocals, in my opinion, it is the action , the very sculpting undertaken by the architect terraforming that which resides within, carving out from these forces a world for the listener to traverse, for within these melodies, we are upon a voyage through the inner vessel of this one man band. This….this is the crescendo of the album, to let us inherit these emotions that are invoked upon this dissonance. The tracks “The Flame Still Burns Within Me” and “Hymn of Life and Death” showcase the potent aura that is evoked through this album’s spell, for the manner in which the instrumental portions are arranged it radiates the feeling as though you are witnessing the metamorphosis of a soul that wrestles with this unseen being, where fear and light are absent, a soul that hungers for dominance like that of a rabid wolf. The translation of these energies through the rhythmic pieces as well as the vocals are what amplifies the atmosphere.

A wandering soul may take the leap into the abyss, to the depths of hell, in hopes that the search may be profitable, some may perish, swallowed by the very journey, but then are exist those who claim the very energy that this void commands, they harness such, and become the dominant force, the force which dictates the coiling shape of the serpent. To me, “Devils, Death and Dark Arts”  captures this sensation perfectly, for the dialogue that is established within these notes evoke a rather personal and intimate feeling, where the mind becomes entranced in its fervent speech.