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Grave Troll – The Diseased And The Hunted [EP]

grave troll – the diseased and the hunted [ep]


Though having released two demo tapes in 2020 and a split tape with Drug Darkness last year, the anonymous entity of Grave Troll returns this year with a compilation tape of both first demos through the Junkie And Proud label and this debut EP through Germany’s purveyors of all things black and wicked, Narbentage Produktionen.

This three-track EP, with the same program repeating on both sides of the cassette, is another exercise in grandiose weirdness. The current high times of Black Metal has spawned many (great) bedroom Black Metal acts and in its wake came a slew of curious and nocturnal creatures that pushed the limits of the genre even further. One of those is most definitely this Grave Troll, using all the basic bleak Black Metal ingredients but it gets enhanced with all sorts of absurdities. The grand bizarre bazaar that ‘The Diseased And The Hunted’ is, offers you all kinds of electronics, weird vocal outbursts, freaked out jazz drums and psychedelics. It really feels like a feverish dream or an intoxicated near-death-experience-like delirium. These tracks are over in about 10 minutes and once you’ve come back to your senses you are still very much in doubt of what just hit you. In the past there were strange and very unorthodox Black Metal acts like Woods Of Infinity, you can imagine a bit of that and multiply their oddness by two and you’ll have yourself an idea of how Grave Troll sounds. Maybe it does sound like a drugged jamsession of Woods Of Infinity and Grollfried. Quite an assault to the senses, which you should not try to wrap your head around too much. Maybe you should just check it out yourself. Be sure to be sober though. Or not.

Grave Troll

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