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Illkynja – Sæti Sálarinnar

illkynja – sæti sálarinnar

There lies a certain mysticism to music where the artist tries not to weave it’s sound in order to appear as though one is trying with effort to block out the sun, in other words to sell the listener a facade that is hollow, fragile yet appears to be molded from shadow.  For I have always found such works of art tasteless, like a poet who enchants the mind with flowery parables…words that bear no fruitive substance to its meaning.

‘Sæti Sálarinnar’ by Illkynja, in my humble opinion ceases to be just music, but more of a ritualistic experience between the entity that is conjured from such hymns and the listener’s senses. The intriguing perspective that is introduced upon this album is that the flow of the song composition gives the illusion of an unbridled untapped esoteric energy that has taken form through its own conscience, through thorough listening sessions, the line that exists between musician and the output that is birthed becomes blurred where it feels as though this ‘energy’ has no creator nor has it a beginning or end…it just..exists.

As absurd as it may sound, to me these are meritorious traits where the album’s instrumental components aid in transcending the ambience that is manifested. Tracks such as ‘Guðhaus’ and ‘Allt er glatað’ ( just to give an instance) breathe a potent air to it’s playing exuding a necromantic aura, this is owed to the coiling riffing as well as percussive elements where every beat that is echoed forth feel as though it is trying to summon an ancient entity. But it is the blending of melody and dissonance that intertwine into each other that gives the album one of it’s most unique characteristics.

The vocals to me is one of the most delectable  factors on the album as both the musical variables together with the vox flow along the same stream yet they vibrate in different frequencies, as the register used dispels an unearthly feeling, as though it is a voice not of this material world.

‘Sæti Sálarinnar’ presents itself as an abstract work, untamed and unrefined, but it is these qualities that makes it excellent, for the fervor that is emanated …to me feels not as though it belongs to the realms of good or evil, like a fire that rages and decimates it’s surroundings, there exists no Ill intention even as it boils the flesh…for the fire beckons to no call, such is this album…pure energy translated to sound. (Justin Joseph)