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Decrepitaph – Forgotten Scriptures – The Collection

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Decrepitaph’s drummer Elektrokutioner is the Rogga Johansson of the USA! Many bands (Father Befouled, Encoffination, Festered and tons of others) and many releases (Decrepitaph only has 16 releases within 6 years) are having his signature on it. Not a strange fact that Elektrokutioner and Rogga Johansson have a project or two with each other as well. Within those 16 releases there are a lot of vinyl releases, which most are splits with bands like Eternal Solstice, Eroded, Anatomia and Father Befouled. Thanks to Selfmadegod Records the Decrepitaph tracks of those splits, along with an unreleased rehearsal track, their own “Resurrecting the Rotten” 7” and a live track are combined on “Forgotten Scriptures – The Collection”. If you are familiar with Decrepitaph you know you get unpolished, mostly midtempo Doom infused Old School Death Metal. Hints of Asphyx, Grave and his other band Encoffination are the main dish with Decrepitaph, served on a primitive plate. Ofcourse the sound differs (almost) every track. Only for the fans who are enjoying the early Death Metal movement. (Ricardo)