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Ares Wrath Division – War Bombastic Black Metal [EP]

ares wrath division – war bombastic black metal [ep]


Old school war black metal from the misty, foggy shores of… Brazil? Yes, indeed, and at the moment it is available for free on their website. War Bombastic Black Metal is what they call their music and EP themselves, and I cannot but agree on that label. The band has decided to put this entire EP on the internet, as ‘due to numberless and unspeakable reasons’ the EP just could not be released on vinyl or CD, and they want to bring their music to the world. So for the moment, you can download it all at the URL mentioned. Yet it might take some attempts before it will succeed, as the server is not always as reliable…

‘Chainsaw Rettaliation’, opens very intense; one of their best songs, along with ‘Fire, Holocaust, Anihilattion’. Please don’t take into account the spelling mistakes in the songtitles, like Rettaliation and Anihilattion, as their native tongue is Portuguese/Brazilian…Drums in overdrive, yet not mechanical, provide the music with a basis on which their ferociousness dwells. Possessed Naragoth has indeed a warlike throat, and the rest of the band does their job! Not with virtuosity or anything, just like a blitzkrieg war: war metal indeed! Their music is somewhere between old school death (the style of drumming, the leads) and, indeed, war metal from bands like War (what’s in a name?) and Marduk. Not as extremely fast as War, yet still fast and intense enough, and not with the weight of a Panzer like Marduk on their opus “Panzer Division Marduk”. And no songs that last very long with breaks and bridges and stuff: War metal, bombastic indeed. Yet for a band coming out of Brasil (I know that country has metal bands, yet not like for instance the US of A or Scandinavia) I believe it is more than acceptable. Ares Wrath Division are certainly worth a place in this genre.

If you like your black old school (with some death metal influences), loud and with war, keep an eye on these Brazilians. Yet for those who prefer the grim atmosphere of the Norwegian bands, a bit of melody (keys, female vocals), Ares Wrath Division is not your thing…Those who think War is not musical enough (too fast) and Marduk has gone too soft, try this one out. At the moment the band is busy for a European (and preferably also a US) label to provide these areas with their sonic equivalent of war; latest news I’ve heard from M.K.C. War is that Ketzer Records will probably take some 100 copies of the record when it will come out, so at least there are possibilities for Europe. And as the promise on their website says: the sound quality on the net is not as good as on disc, yet I think it is already quite good for an MP-3…

If they work on their English titles a bit more, and evolve according to their capabilities, they could well be the Sepultura of Brazilian extreme metal! So remember the name Ares Wrath Division… (Neithan)

Ares Wrath Division

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