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Obscure Burial

“We don’t play old school or retro, but insane and devoted Death Metal!” OBSCURE BURIAL certainly is devoted with their mid-1980s sound and attitude in the vein of acts like Necrovore, Profanatica and Possessed. They released their second demo at the end of 2014 and like the first one, Invictus Productions is charmed of it and decided to promote it. Welcome in the demonic world of Finnish darkness…(Ricardo)

It all began as two piece project. As certain things slowed us down, and when those obstacles where cleared, we went to hunt two more corpses to complete the line up.

As some of you guys are or were involved in Black Metal acts like Kadotus, Ancestors Blood, Inferi and Urgamla, is Obscure Burial the Death Metal link you all wanted to have which you cannot develop in your other bands?
Sure it is the link, and some of the bands you mentioned are broken or on hiatus, they don’t matter the cause.

You stated in an interview that you see Obscure Burial as a “unique band on Finnish soil”. In your opinion, what makes Obscure Burial unique? The authentic sound, songwriting and attitude?
The thing is, Death Metal from up here have always concentrated on the heavy, doomy and slower side, as we’re inspired by furious, fast and ripping style that has roots in Thrash metal. Our uniqueness in something that has come off natural, there are many small things that create the sound, the songwriting, live shows, to its perfections. We don’t do bullshit anyway, we deliver what we are. We sound the same live as on records. We are fresh flesh, but same time rotten to the core! And on Finnish soil, just try to come up a name from past that has done anything near as us? Sure there are Morbid Angel copycats a thousand but all of them are relying on clean studio sound, meaningless lyrics, non-imagination at its peak. We hack the shit out of them, just by being furious players, giving all in, not just as a nice hobby to play technical guitar wanking.

For you as individual, which albums persuaded you to check out the extreme side of metal?
The masterpiece that goes under the title Ride the Lightning, with ”best” tracks from Master of Puppets copied to the end of the tape, that I got hold. After that came Slayer’s Divine Intervention with Haunting the Chapel as bonus tracks, and after those all Hell broke loose.

In an interview you mentioned the following: “People that need to label their music with monikers as such have taken the wrong path in the very beginning and haven’t understood something divine.”. It’s always a discussion between the ones who let the art speak for itself and the ones who want to describe it with words to situate it and throw in comparisons. For you, as an artist, what is the trigger to dislike labels as Old School Death Metal in combination with Obscure Burial? When you are being compared with acts like Sadistic Intent, Necrovore, Morbid Angel, Profanatica…does it bother you or is it just part of the “reviewing-and-promoting-business”?
Sure we have strong influence in our music, but we don’t let it take control, they are and were our inspiration in the beginning. We don’t do this stuff to be remembrance of something that once was, but a fresh and honest band. Our recordings present us the way we sound in our rehearsal room, it’s not produced any way to sound this or that. If you really believe in what you do, writing music in this case, you don’t need any monikers to push it to others. If you title yourself as Old School you’ve gone the path already to the very end and don’t let inspiration and imagination take you off.

The lyrical content seems to be dark and demonic. Does certain books, historical events or movies influence you, or is it just a simple “this is the only lyrical content that fits our Death Metal”? The way it’s meant to be so to speak?
We sing the gospel of the mighty Death, Satan’s Metal.

On your first demo called “God’s Abomination”, you relived the sound of the 1980s by using material from that period of time, like “Marshall Tube amp heads pushed hard to break up”, and to record it live. Did you do the same with “Epiphany”? In the recording process, what was the difference between the two demos?
Both were recorded exactly the same way, live onto tape. As being a guitar geek myself, there were some minor changes in guitar gear, but not else. Those old Marshall tube heads have the touch of Devil itself, nothing has ever reached their supremacy.

What is your connection with Invictus Productions, who promoted both demos? Are you working on a deal with Darragh of Invictus to release the debut full-length, EP or 7”? Speaking of which…are you working on new material what are the near future-plans? Are you diving deeper into obscurity music wise?
We are currently working on a debut album, which is going to be released by Invictus Productions. There will also out a demo compilation CD before that. We will do number of demo songs for the album atleast, since they’ve lived lives of their own and need to be presented better ways.

That’s all for now, thanks for introducing Obscure Burial to us… If I left something uncovered, feel free to add it here!
Shout his name, shout his words, and decline in them.