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Hangöver – “Don’t be a dick, beat up your chick”

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I prompted this beer-fuelled metal band a few days ago and was totally amazed of their fury and power. So I though it was time to take this band to Vampire-Magazine. And well, it became a real cool interview, enjoy!


As can be read on your website, Slut Eviscerator left the band. I like to start of with asking why he left the band?

Actually he didn’t leave the band. He left his house. He went to have a beer or sixteen in spring 2002 and never came back so far, so I’ve put the band to ice, because he’s the major part of Hangöver and I don’t wanna drag it without him. He is a great companion and true metalhead, so fuck the rest. Right now he’s more or less homeless and it would be impossible to work on anything related with music. I don’t know if he’ll be coming back, but even if I decide to record another demo with someone else on six stringulation, Slut Eviscerator will still be in the line-up – respect.

You started a band called Necroslaughter together with Daniel (Nocturnal/Frontbeast), tell me something about this band.
Necroslaughter is a pure old school death/thrash metal inspired by the old ways of Sarcofago and Beherit. It was Evil Avenger who created the band and I got invited to join the line-up on black blood vomits so I did. We were supposed to release a debut seven inch on Canadian Goat Warrior Records, but the label seems to be as fast as early Xysma, so we stopped to consider them serious and released the demo on cassette ourselves. Should be available from our addresses anytime soon, so write to us, you pathetic cunts.

— Necroslaughter —

Is Slut Eviscerator going to join or start any other band, as you know?
Yeah well, as you already might figure, he isn’t going to do much apart from getting his life straight again. Then we will see. He’ll surely be back in Hangöver and that’s all he cares about when it comes to playing.

How do you see the future for both Necroslaughter and Hangöver?
I don’t foresee shit. We live day by day. No plans. Necroslaughter is releasing a debut demo finally and then we’re starting to beat up our instruments and torment the voice chords creating a full lenght material for the label unknown. Something may happen when I travel to Germany this spring to stay for a couple of weeks, although I’d rather foresee drunken irresponsibility and grave desecrations than actual song composing.

Are you participating in any other projects, or did you in the past?
Right now beside Necroslaughter, I am continuing the scumfucks traditions in a band called Backstage Sluts which is more or less a dirty and primitive punk’n’roll with harsh vocals and obscene lyrics. Our debut demo (on CDR or maybe a tape) entitled “Trisexual Nunwhore Cumsquad” will consists of three scrotumtwisting necrohits (plus GG Allin cover song) to smack you with. The band consits of me, the (oral abuse and six stringulation), R. Insulter (fists of terror on your ugly face) and Dale Wifebeater (panzerwaffe maggotpen). Besides, I am usually doing something on my own or with friends, but nothing official to be told… I am working on my Wolfpack ‘zine and have some more interests to waste my spare time on.

I saw on the Hangöver website that a lot of merchandise isn’t for sale anymore. Are you going to print new shirts? I just wanted to order one…
I think they are available from Deathstrike Records nowadays… We don’t bother to put updates online as I am too lazy, plus the shirts are so popular that they are more or less sold out in the moment I get them from printers… I am posting a few last shirts to Deathstrike nowadays, so write to Evil Avengah and get one for yourself to be prettier, healthy and not so fucking wimpy anymore.

Back to the music, I said bands like Sodom, Destruction and Motörhead must’ve influenced you, do you apply this?
Yeah whatever. If we only knew how to handle our instruments properly I might agree with you, but we barely know how to play, so I wouldn’t say we were so much inspired. Fuck my ass if we ever reach the level of Sodom or Destruction. Motörhead… Ahhh…

Nergal (Behemoth) did a guest appearance on “Fag Killer”, how did this happen? And how was the co-operation?
This sorry rockstar was around when we were recording the shit for our demo. He didn’t record anything in particular, we just added some idiotic drunken screams during one of the songs (“Fag killer” methinks) and it stayed there. It has commercial value now, but we ran outta money when wanted to print “with guest appearance of Nergay” on the cover.

There are two more guest appearances on Terrorbeer, H. Beherit and BlackBielack, I never heard of both people, tell us something about them.
Hrimgrimnir Beherit is the sound engineer of Behemoth. We recorded the demo with him here in our city. He’s a longhaired dirty metalcoholic – that was enough to choose him. In fact he barely enginereed anything as he kept falling asleep all the time, this way every song sounds different, we had to fuck around with it ourselves, and we weren’t too sober as well, as we would never dare to play music in sobriety. BlackBielack is (was?) a very skiller guitarist from our city. He recorded some solos on the demo, ’cause fuck me if we knew how to. He works in the porn business now and has no time to touch the guitar. I figure! Bastard…

It’s well known that the Polish underground scene is quite healthy. Could you tell us something about this?
You’ve mistaken scenes. Polish undergound is nothing but Jewish conspiracy and life metal worship.

Any last words?
Don’t be a dick, beat up your chick!


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