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Transilvania – The Night of Nights

transilvania – the night of nights

Imagine scaling the side of a castle with your armour and long sword leaping from ledge to ledge dodging fireballs thrown by skeletons, spells casted by warlocks, and fighting spirits of your ancestors. Scouring through dungeons you find a weird satchel that when opened you get a face full of riffs and an ear full of shrieking vocals that morph you into a machine slaying whatever is in your way. The tunes from that satchel is the new Transylvania album, “The Night of Nights”

The atmosphere is huge in this one painting that whole picture you just read above and doesn’t slow down in pace at all hitting you with thrash riffs and blast beats along with just the best shrieking vocals that really tie it all in. It’s an album that when you play it you want to strap on your spikes and corpse paint and just headband in your jam room. It’s the little things on the album that really make it for example: the howling at the end of, “Howl Over Bedburg” is just so on point with the whole song and makes it stand out as much as the werewolf it portrays. The melodic riffs of, “Guardians of Necropolis” makes you feel like there are actual warriors fighting outside and the shrieks of, “One Night in Salem” that gives us the uneasy feeling of the burned alive witches that unbenounced to us have summoned demons to take us to the pit of misery. DILLY DILLY.

Anyways, great record and incredibly fun with a ton of relistening value. Riffs for days and not boring in the slightest. Would definitely recommend especially on a full moon night. (ThatAustronautGuy)