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Sigil – Demonstration MMXIX [Demo]

sigil – demonstration mmxix [demo]

Sigil have been active since 2019 and have a selective release rate at best. This 2019 demo entitled ‘Demonstration MMXIX’ was the Canadian quartet’s third release (they have since gone on to put out their sophomoric full length album, ‘Nether’) and combined a gritty sounding Sludge style with muddy Crust influences, as well as abrasive vocals and chaotic time signatures from the guitars. The opening track of this two track demo is ‘Eldritch’, whose muffled, Death Metal style drum tones belligerently tap out a sporadic rhythm whilst the guitar leads jerk back and forth, never seeming to have a planned destination in mind. And throughout is the one constant, the sonic rumble of bass. ‘Demonstration MMXIX’ is an uneasy listening experience to say the least and it’s duration of just over nine minutes is still a feat of endurance, one that I’m still unsure is a stroke of genius in terms of creative song-writing or merely a plethora of styles crashed together without regard for the outcome. Some will see it as column A, sadly I lean towards column B. (Marksson)