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Microcosmys / La Torture des Ténèbres – The Gods Themselves [Split]

microcosmys / la torture des ténèbres – the gods themselves [split]

The release is dedicated to science fiction literature pioneer Isaac Asimov and inspired by his novel “The Gods Themselves”. Both bands create a space-themed loneliness and post apocalyptic disillusion, but in two radically different ways. The Ukrainian Microcosmys with their ambient and spacey atmospheric Black Metal and La Torture des Ténèbres from Canada with their trademark noisy melancholic raw Black Metal.

Microcosmys delivers three tracks of other-worldly Black Metal. A triple header of rough and raw heaviness with ambient noise. The atmospherics are present but way in the background, not taking focus off the bleakness of the Black Metal. A solid trio of songs.

It’s a different story with La Torture des Ténèbres offerings. Two tracks of fast and heavy Black Metal that stops being a barrage of noise thanks to the morose atmospheric melodies tucked away behind the wall of noise. Far less imaginative then Microcosmys. The former is incredibly fiery and relentless with its pummelling approach while the latter is so wild, so aggressive and so angry that it’s near uncomfortable to listen too. Bloody great though.

This is a split that literally means a split. While the bands have some things in common, namely the bleak and morose themes they couldn’t be more opposite when it comes to delivery. (HaCeBo)