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Israthoum / Chalice in Blood – Ascetic Temples / Sacrament of Death (Split – 7″)

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Daemon Worship Productions doesn’t release too much albums, but when they do, it usually is the good stuff. The Swedish black metal band Chalice of Blood and the Dutch/Portuguese band Israthoum share the split, with both bands only play one song. The Swedes have never released a full album in their 9 years of existence , but their contribution to this split, called ‘Sacrament of Death’, immediately explains why: It’s very simple, very plain en every second of the 3:51 song rings a bell. Yes, you probably have heard every riff they play before on a Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult album before. Israthoum does a far better job, they are clearly influenced by bands like Acherontas and Deathspell Omega (the artwork!), but they manage to create an own sound. ‘Ascetic Temple’ is a very good song, they keep you focused and they simply know how to write good music, which definitely tastes for a lot more. Let’s hope Israthoum will release a full length anywhere soon. (Marko)