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Inverted Cross – Summoning the Dead [Demo]

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First of all, I don’t really understand most of the online journalism bunch when it comes to reviewing and supporting the underground scene. I rather review a legal digital demo so the band or underground label can sell the tapes in stead of sending them for a review, but according to the all the online reviews off this demo, I have a strange attitude. That havin’ said, Inverted Cross has released their first demo in alliance with Boneyard Records, a Swedish underground label specialised in tapes. And the demo is a nice one! With (ex-)members of Nominion and Eviscerated the demo contains an intro and three tracks full of filthy old school Swedish Death Metal. While hearing the first riff of “In Darkness Dwell”, the fist bangs along as it has strong resemblance with Grotesque’s “Blood runs on the Altar”. A fine reference if you ask me! Inverted Cross manages to create strong composition of less than three minutes in the vein of the aforementioned Grotesque, Tribulation’s “The Horror” combined with some fast paced Merciless like riffs. The end of “Summoning the Dead” is a bit slower which gives a early Stockholm scene vibe. A kind of thing what Entombed (“Left Hand Path”) and Dismembmer (“Dreaming in Red”) did. Recommended…filthy death metal indeed, Sir! (Ricardo)